Hi I’m Julia.

I am currently living as an expat in Pretoria South Africa. I have 1 husband (Evan), several children – grown and gone to live their own lives (between mine and his I sometimes loose count) and a Bichon Frise named Petie (who truly thinks he is the king of the wild, a vicious killer with really, really sharpish pointy teeth…).

I used to work in marketing technology and recently completed my masters in Business Informatics (information systems management – more or less). But the terms of my partners work-visa have eliminated my ability to obtain traditional employment for awhile – and so – I have found myself with a blank canvas upon which to write the next few chapters of my life – chapters I hope to fill with amazing experiences – be they down the street or across the globe.

I’m not sure exactly when childlike wonder and easy delight abandoned me. But, by 29 they were gone – more or less replaced by a measure common cynicism and banality. It wasn’t really a surprise – just a by-product of my personality.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a permanent affliction as I discovered a world of marvels that could delight my senses, widen my eyes, and take my breath away. For me, the only thing more amazing than gazing into the giant frightened eyes of a lost baby zebra, enjoying a glass of Wensleydale cask ale among several companionable sheep, or covertly snapping pictures of St. Marks golden mosaics…is sharing those experiences with a loved one or two (or six).


Venice Italy, December 26, 2013, with Phil, Wade, Evan, Simon, Dimitri and Emily.