Comic Relief – South African Style

Even half a world away, the drama filled US political stage is causing a certain amount of consternation and stress…

So… everyone knows the best way to deal with stress is to have a good laugh or two. And, while we do have access to US comedy, (via either the SA version of Comedy Central or youtube), the politically saturated skits and monologs on programs like Daily Show, and SNL etc are just a little too close to real-life to provide true comic relief.

Fortunately, there’s SUZELLE DIY! I’m not sure how or why- but somehow, Suzelle reminds me of  Patsy Stone – only young, sober, capable, self-sufficient… OK, it’s a dubious comparison – maybe I’m crazy. I guess it’s her unapologetic self-absorption coupled with some very serious hair and clothing choices (or maybe it is simply the fact that she is a comedienne with an accent). Who knows. Anyhow – check her out here making leopard print bread and then “DIY: Because anybody can”!


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