Welcome to my blog.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel, to live life as an expat in South Africa and to experience the beauty and wonder of the world (alongside a couple of it’s more earthly delights – namely food and wine).

With the new year upon me (and little else to fill my days) I have created Days of Wine and Wonder in an effort to chronicle and share some of the joys and adventures I have experienced along the way.

With Evan, my husband/best friend by my side and my trusty Sony – Alpha a6000 in my hand (unless I am drinking wine – obviously) my goal is to seek out marvels and experiences that will enchant my senses, widen my eyes, and take my breath away.

I realize that secondhand wonder is no wonder at all, and secondhand wine is even worse, but still…I hope my stories and photos will somehow inspire, inform, or at the very least amuse, and that you will join me once and awhile on my journey of wine and wonder.*



*A note on grammar, punctuation, and proper sentence structure. Before going to Venice in 2013, I (mostly) read “The Stones of Venice” by John Ruskin and discovered a fellow sentence structure denier – a grammatical kindred spirit of sorts. So….if run-on, stream-of-conscious, largely boring word orgies are good enough for Ruskin they are good enough for me.


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